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Chemtron Corporation

When Chemtron Corporation started nearly 30 years ago, the company primarily served clients throughout the Midwest. Brothers John and Jerry Koch started the operation by selling specialty chemical products to help meet client needs. They soon realized that they needed to grow and expand the business as they saw the market change and clients’ desires for better control and treatment methods became evident. Chemtron soon evolved into a full-service water-treatment provider offering customized solutions, consultation and analysis, and hassle-free delivery.

Riverbend Labs

Chemtron’s founders discerned a growing market demand for advanced solutions in the optimization of anaerobic digestion processes and comprehensive biological and chemical wastewater treatment services. In 1997, they introduced Riverbend Lab Services, an avant-garde, forward-looking division dedicated to meeting this pressing demand. At its core, Riverbend Labs prides itself on an assembly of distinguished field scientists, biologists, chemists, and proficient chemical and process engineers, complemented by an unwavering laboratory support and chemical manufacturing team. These seasoned professionals bring unmatched expertise in problem identification, troubleshooting, and optimization of waste treatment plants, setting an industry gold standard. Driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, they approach each customer challenge with personalized, ingenious strategies, upholding the pinnacle of industry standards. This relentless pursuit of quality has propelled Riverbend Lab Services to the forefront, solidifying its eminent position as a pioneering force in the optimization of industrial wastewater treatment plants and anaerobic digesters.

Better Together

In 2018, Chemtron’s leadership team made the decision to change the company’s name to ChemtronRiverBend to better convey the strengths of both companies in its name. Today, ChemtronRiverBend is not only the fastest growing water treatment company in the U.S., but also the largest treatability lab in the country.

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